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The Goodiepal Equation Original Soundtrack With Appendix

  • Title: The Goodiepal Equation Original Soundtrack With Appendix
  • Artist: Goodiepal
  • Label: Fonal Records
  • Format: 4×LP
  • Genres: Experimental Electronic, Misc Scandinavia
  • Price: €35,00EU (incl. 19% VAT)€29,41non-EU

"The Goodiepal Equation Soundtrack with Appendix is a massive 4 LP set with appendix – a write up by The Goodiepal himself in form of a letter.

Featuring over 2 hours of music! All the music from the documentary The Goodiepal Equation and more!

Please note all sides are 33 rpm except for side G which is 45rpm. There’s heavy vinyl crackle and loops that sound like a stuck needle – this is as intended.

The Goodiepal Equation is a documentary film by Sami Sänpäkkilä about Danish musician, hacker, renaissance man, futurist, hustler, philanthropist, Rudolph Steiner dropout, programmer and millionaire Goodiepal. Meet the man for the new millennium!

Goodiepal (real name Kristian Parl Bjørn Vester, b. 1974–76) is a Danish musician, performance artist, lecturer and activist operating on the fringes of society. Goodiepal rides thousands of kilometres on a self-built bicycle that he uses to power his shows. He has released a record with a genuine 500-krone banknote embedded in the vinyl – priced at 250 kroner. Goodiepal has put together an exhibition for the National Museum of Denmark comprising all his material possessions, and he creates his art outside of customary institutions and norms.

Goodiepal’s best friend, the former 1960s rock star Poul Erik, is another true eccentric, a hoarder living among things he has collected from skips. His dream is to own a piece of each item ever produced by human beings. Goodiepal considers Poul Erik his partner in crime, although his audience would prefer to see him without him.

Goodiepal’s life is shadowed by Huntington’s disease, an inherited degenerative disease of the brain that has driven men in his family to suicide. Doctors find odd tumours in his head and he begins to misplace and forget things. Many of his closest friends are likewise affected by illness.Goodiepal’s activism turns increasingly radical and he drifts further and further away from social safety nets.

Goodiepal challenges us to reflect on our view of the world. What remains of us if we only exist to serve the system? What is THE GOODIEPAL EQUATION?"


A2. Torshavnur Elektrik
A3. Minne dromme, tanker & tak til Folkrepublikken
A4. Brevet fra Tampere
A6. Atari Strange
B1. Hvad vi Modte på marsken
B3. Tankerne flyver ned mod hojlandet
B4. Mutate
B5. Rotterdam & Efterårsoktaven
B6. Tak! Beat
B7. Tromme Mekanisten
B8. Minus SYNTON Syrinx
C2. (untitled)
C3. Torshavnur DUB
C4. Disto BEAT
C5. Snowflake
D2. Den glemte Sequencer
D3. Rave-lysten er intakt
D4. Risskov Funk Fever
D5. En Hilsen
D6. Yawnnnn! Lazy Pinball Disco
D8. Engelsk Beat
D9. Torshavnur Stilstand
E1. Coolhavn Part 1
F1. Coolhavn Part 2
G1. Music for a Film by Sami first part (45rpm)
G2. IxxS lolo disco SASS (45rpm)
H1. Music for a Film by Sami second part