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Winged Simians

  • Title: Winged Simians
  • Artist: Winged Simians
  • Label: No Basement Is Deep Enough
  • Format: Tape
  • Genres: Experimental Electronic, Industrial, World, Ambient, Post-Industrial, Breakbeats, Lo-Fi, DIY, Visual Art
  • Price: €7,90EU (incl. 19% VAT)€6,64non-EU

"It's the end of summer and it's not uncommon for me to eat an entire carton of raspberries in one sitting. As a matter of fact that is what I'm doing right now, as I type this, I'm doing a full one right now. As I type this. The keyboard is sticky with nature's nectar. Eating straight out of a carton died so green that it stains the raspberries at the edges… Makes them look rotten - like the beginning of gray mold. But the carton is dyed; dark green. So it’s not mold and I have to remind myself of that. When I reach the centre there are wet, pulverized berries - men down. They're barely holding it together under the pressure of the raspberries on top - the ones you see when you buy them. The intact berries. The ones you see when you google image search "raspberries". But these ones I'll eat too. I won't take as much pleasure in eating these misshapen ones. I like those perfect ones, I like ruining the perfection, slowly bringing my top and bottom teeth together and smushing them into something that can more feasibly be digested. Mastication. The centre berries are pre-masticated. This is not how you find berries on a bush. You never encounter raspberries like this in nature. If a raspberry goes unpicked off a branch it withers and blackens before falling off its flower. Rarely will it fall off while its fully ripe. I'm at the bottom now, of the carton and its all mush.

Now replace every mention of a carton with Orphan Fairytale and/or Bear Bones, Lay Low and raspberry with Winged Simians.

Eat with Listen. -- Andrew Zukerman, Toronto 2015

Ltd. to 69 hand-numbered copies and comes in a Winged Monkey that just spits at your Golden Cap while spreading your dirty little secrets through the ape vine."