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  • Title: Subflowers ɸ
  • Artist: Kim Cascone
  • Label: Emitter Micro
  • Format: CDR
  • Genres: Experimental Electronic, Minimalism, Drone, Silkscreen, DIY
  • Price: €19,00EU (incl. 19% VAT)€15,97non-EU

Back in stock! Hand-numbered and limited to only 33 copies, silkscreen printed, black high quality CD-R. "Quite surprised actually to see this CDR release in an edition of …

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  • Title: Passing Tubes / Röhren
  • Artist: Hopek Quirin
  • Label: Emitter Micro
  • Format: Tape
  • Genres: 1980's, Sound Art, Experimental Electronic, DIY, Noise, Electro-Acoustic, Misc Berlin
  • Price: €6,90EU (incl. 19% VAT)€5,80non-EU

Back in stock! "Recorded, cut and mixed on a Tascam porta one 4 track cassette recorder in Tabuk (Saudi Arabia) in 1986. I used the track as part of an installation, playing …

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  • Title: Untitled #360
  • Artist: Francisco Lopez
  • Label: Emitter Micro
  • Format: CD
  • Genres: Experimental Electronic, Noise, Field Recordings, Sound Collage, Musique Concrète, Industrial
  • Price: €11,00EU (incl. 19% VAT)€9,24non-EU

"Try to imagine an astonishing reversal of the traditional widespread subservience of sound to story-telling: instead of sound effects providing realism to a narrative, the …

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  • Title: AKP
  • Artists: Kris Limbach, Anton Mobin, Pierce Warnecke
  • Labels: Emitter Micro, Middle Eight Recordings
  • Format: CD
  • Genres: Experimental Electronic, Electro-Acoustic, Musique Concrète, Improvisation, Misc Berlin, Misc France
  • Price: €11,00EU (incl. 19% VAT)€9,24non-EU

AKP Anton Mobin, Kris Limbach & Pierce Warnecke Limited edition of 300 copies. "A few Sundays ago (actually about 278), three friends met up at a small city-studio with …

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  • Title: Hanz ■ Memorial
  • Artist: Niko LFO
  • Label: Emitter Micro
  • Format: USB-STICK
  • Genres: Experimental Electronic, Computer Music, Misc Berlin
  • Price: €35,00EU (incl. 19% VAT)€29,41non-EU

Concrete USB Stick, limited to 3×30 hand-numbered editions. "Hanz ■ Memorial entangles rough abstract noise and whittled sound design within a generative structure embracing …

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  • Title: Hopek Quirin, Kris Limbach, Anton Mobin
  • Artists: Kris Limbach, Anton Mobin, Hopek Quirin
  • Label: Emitter Micro
  • Format: CD
  • Genres: Improvisation, Electro-Acoustic, Misc Berlin, Misc France
  • Price: €10,00EU (incl. 19% VAT)€8,40non-EU

"A disc of improvised music, but with some curious ideas and instruments. I am not sure if any of these three players ever was in Vital Weekly, but here we have Hopek Quirin …

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  • Title: Short Summer
  • Artist: Seiji Morimoto
  • Label: Emitter Micro
  • Format: CD
  • Genres: Experimental Electronic, Sound Art, Drone, Misc Berlin, Misc Japan
  • Price: €13,00EU (incl. 19% VAT)€10,92non-EU

A characteristic resonance investigation, which is generated between the vibrating objects (buzzer: 400Hz) and different materials. 1. WOODEN BOX (20'00") 2. TIN CAN (20'00") 3. …

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  • Title: Kein Zurück!
  • Artists: Kris Limbach, Miguel A. Garcia, Kerstin Podbiel
  • Label: Emitter Micro
  • Format: VHS+Artprint
  • Genres: Experimental Electronic, Lo-Fi, Underground Art, Silkscreen, DIY
  • Price: €30,00EU (incl. 19% VAT)€25,21non-EU

"VHS multiple. 4 hours of music and glowing darkness, unique silkscreen prints and poster, limited Edition of 33 copies. KEIN ZURÜCK! includes collaborational and solo works …

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