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Tapes / K7

  • Title: Les Pauvres
  • Artist: Jean-Louis Costes
  • Label: Costes Cassette
  • Format: Tape
  • Price: €8,00EU (incl. 19% VAT)€6,72non-EU

A1 nos pauvres2 jacob shamed3 viole par les clochards4 lamentable malade5 les bebes c est trop risque6 les conquistadorsB1 corinne j'urine2 l'amour est un oiseau volage3 l'amour …

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  • Title: The Atrocity Bible
  • Artist: Richard Ramirez & Red Hook
  • Label: Phage Tapes
  • Format: Tape
  • Price: €7,00EU (incl. 19% VAT)€5,88non-EU

“Edition of 100 with 3 color screen printed cover and 1 color screen printed inner j card.
Metal abuse, harsh electronics and porn samples. What more could you ask for?”

  • Title: Teen Cribs
  • Artist: Boar
  • Label: Rainbow Bridge
  • Format: Tape
  • Price: €3,00EU (incl. 19% VAT)€2,52non-EU

“20 minutes of unchanging, unrelenting, un-fuck-with-able harsh noise wall from the malicious, anti-musical depths of Iowa's Alex Nowacki. Go ahead, look up HNW in the dictionary. …

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  • Title: Split
  • Artists: White Dog, Pregnant Spore
  • Label: Rainbow Bridge
  • Format: Tape
  • Price: €6,90EU (incl. 19% VAT)€5,80non-EU

“White Dog: The man behind Prairie Fire Tapes brings you a puzzling mound of pulses, beats, hums, rustlings and drones that will bewilder, confuse and satisfy your weirdo …

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  • Title: Not Worth It
  • Artist: Facialmess
  • Label: Rainbow Bridge
  • Format: Tape
  • Price: €6,50EU (incl. 19% VAT)€5,46non-EU

“This tape gives you everything Kenny Sanderson is known for at it's best in an all new 10-minute heap. Chopped-up-into-oblivion electronic cruelty, synth weirdness and …

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“Ultra Brutal Guttural Death Metal from the USA.”

  • Title: Summus Lux
  • Artist: Andramelech
  • Label: Deathrash Armageddon
  • Format: Tape
  • Price: €6,95EU (incl. 19% VAT)€5,84non-EU

“Mexican Dark and Morbid Black Metal!”

  • Title: Efigies De Maldad
  • Artist: Inri
  • Label: Rawblackult Productions
  • Format: Tape
  • Price: €6,95EU (incl. 19% VAT)€5,84non-EU

“Debut Cassette from this old band formed in 1988. Now, back in the scene they unleash this piece of obscure death thrash metal with pure raw underground feeling!”

  • Title: Demo 2010
  • Artist: Death Invoker
  • Label: Time Before Time Records
  • Format: Tape
  • Price: €6,95EU (incl. 19% VAT)€5,84non-EU
  • Title: Live Satanized
  • Artist: Necropsia
  • Label: Pagan South Production
  • Format: Tape
  • Price: €6,95EU (incl. 19% VAT)€5,84non-EU

“Dirty South American Satanic Death/Thrash. Live tape with procover.”


“The young blood...True Violent Black Metal! No place for mercy or sweet melodies. Only War and Hate! Pro printed cover.”

  • Title: Statues Before Your Death
  • Artist: Kratornas
  • Label: Diabolous Productions
  • Format: Tape
  • Price: €6,95EU (incl. 19% VAT)€5,84non-EU