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Vinyls: Lp/12″/10″/7″

  • Title: Klinik Der Reinen Vernunft
  • Artists: Deutsch Nepal, Mama Baer
  • Label: Psych.KG
  • Format: LP
  • Genres: Experimental Electronic, Industrial, Dark Ambient, Sound Collage, Noise, Misc Scandinavia
  • Price: €18,50EU (incl. 19% VAT)€15,55non-EU

LP in the series Fluxus +/- , black vinyl, black labels, 100 numbered copies. A1 was previously released on Various - Sub Gothenburg 08, credited to Frozen Faces. A2 was previously …

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  • Title: Fluxporn-Forvandlingen Of Franz Kafka
  • Artist: Kommissar Hjuler
  • Label: Der Schöne Hjuler-Memorial-Fond
  • Format: LP
  • Genre: Spoken Word
  • Price: €18,50EU (incl. 19% VAT)€15,55non-EU

LP, presenting two new remixed music tracks from (SHMF-048) DoCD-R. Both tracks are different from LP (SHMF-048/chor) Kommissar Hjuler „Forvandlingen (af Franz Kafka)“ Each …

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  • Title: Signals
  • Artist: Samson Stilwell
  • Label: Sounds Et Al
  • Format: 10"
  • Genres: Experimental Electronic, Ambient, Drone, Silkscreen, DIY
  • Price: €18,00EU (incl. 19% VAT)€15,13non-EU

"The first commercial release from sound artist Samson Stilwell, Signals has been recorded and produced over the past 6 months, combining synthesized sound and field recordings …

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  • Title: Pieces For Her
  • Artist: Manabu Shimada
  • Label: Sounds Et Al
  • Format: LP
  • Genres: Electro-Acoustic, Classical, Breakbeats, Jazz, Pop, Electronica, Silkscreen, DIY, Misc Japan
  • Price: €19,90EU (incl. 19% VAT)€16,72non-EU

"The second album from Japanese sonic artist manabu shimada, pieces for her, is a showcase of his creative work whilst living in Europe. Inhabiting a space between classical …

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  • Title: A Todas Revoluciones
  • Artist: LCDD
  • Label: Alehop!
  • Format: 7"
  • Genres: Experimental Electronic, DIY, Post-Punk, Industrial, Noise
  • Price: €5,20EU (incl. 19% VAT)€4,37non-EU

"EP playable at all revolutions from 33 to 45 rpm (16 to 78 rpm if you are lucky enough) with 2 center holes for the eccentric mix listening. All the music is played with …

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  • Title: Heathen Earth
  • Artist: Throbbing Gristle
  • Label: Industrial Records Ltd.
  • Format: LP
  • Genres: Experimental Electronic, 1980's, Coldwave, Darkwave, Breakbeats, Industrial, Noise
  • Price: €14,50EU (incl. 19% VAT)€12,18non-EU

"Originally released in 1980, Heathen Earth is a crucial live document of industrial pioneers Throbbing Gristle. In member Chris Carter's own words: "You had to have been …

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  • Title: f (x)
  • Artist: Carter Tutti Void
  • Label: Industrial Records Ltd.
  • Format: LP
  • Genres: Experimental Electronic, Breakbeats, Techno, Dark Wave
  • Price: €13,00EU (incl. 19% VAT)€10,92non-EU

Sleeve Condition: Near Mint (NM) "Containing all new studio recordings Chris Carter, Cosey Fanni Tutti (Chris & Cosey / Throbbing Gristle) and Nik Colk Void (Factory Floor) …

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  • Title: NDE <3
  • Artist: NDE <3
  • Label: Aceleradora
  • Format: 7"
  • Genres: Experimental Electronic, Lo-Fi, Breakbeats, Misc Central & South America
  • Price: €8,50EU (incl. 19% VAT)€7,14non-EU



A1. Hubiera Bastado
B1. Patio De Sombras


Back in stock! "Composed on an electronic home organ, these emo, minimal and pretty unique instrumental songs from Aymeric De Tapol are the continuation of a discreet belgian …

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  • Title: What Happens If I Open My Mouth?
  • Artist: Céline Gillain
  • Label: Disques Lexi
  • Format: 7"
  • Genres: Experimental Electronic, Synth-Pop, Breakbeats, Electronica, Coldwave
  • Price: €6,90EU (incl. 19% VAT)€5,80non-EU

Back in stock! 45rpm. "A video maker and performer previously active in The After Lucy Experiment, Céline Gillain is discreet - almost secretive when it comes to her music. …

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  • Title: Borders And Ruins
  • Artist: Giulio Aldinucci
  • Label: Karlrecords
  • Format: LP
  • Genres: Experimental Electronic, Ambient, Misc Italy
  • Price: €22,90EU (incl. 19% VAT)€19,24non-EU

"#2 in the PERIKLAS series is an ambient masterpiece of sublime beauty and sacral majesty by the Italian sound artist GIULIO ALDINUCCI. GIULIO ALDINUCCI is an Italian sound …

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  • Title: Whitehouse
  • Artist: Zeitkratzer
  • Label: Karlrecords
  • Format: LP
  • Genres: Acoustic, Classical, Contemporary Composition, Noise
  • Price: €16,90EU (incl. 19% VAT)€14,20non-EU

Back in stock! "2nd collaboration between the critically acclaimed ensemble zeitkratzer and the great pioneer of noise / industrial William Bennett aka Whitehouse. Music with …

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