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Abject Berlin : Winter Solstice Festivity

Teresa Riemann, Laure Boer, Timothée Quost, Benjamin Whitehill


Join us for a very special event on Winter Solstice:

First set:

Teresa Riemann (drums/voice/fx)
Solo drum madness, intriguing vocals & effects reverberate the stammering I that sits inside his vitreous coffin critically knitting his eyebrows on every move you make, come unstuck in time.
A metaphysical car crash. We have been dead before.
Repetition will be different.

Second set:

Laure Boer (monochord/telephone)
Timothée Quost (trumpet/mic/mixer)
Benjamin Whitehill (guitar/electronics)
A trilithon of stoney vibrational forces, flat faces turned towards the midwinter sun

This is a 2G+ event, bring documentation please and a negative test to be safe.