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  • Titre: Anarkuss
  • Artiste: Anarkuss
  • Label: ABsolutely Amazing
  • Format: Tape
  • Genres: Folk, Post-Punk, Lo-Fi, Misc Berlin
  • Prix: €5,00UE (incl. 19% TVA)€4,20non UE

"Between this really clear rockin power guitar and the sarcastic but sweet vox I think it sounds like 70's studio folk meets proto-punk in the late 90's.

  • Titre: Abstruses Ambivalences
  • Artiste: Mecano Lacrymo
  • Label: Berkana Records
  • Format: Tape
  • Genres: Punk, Post-Punk, No Wave, Misc France
  • Prix: €5,20UE (incl. 19% TVA)€4,37non UE

"Mecano lacrymo is maybe a disturbed guy, playing something like a ''french no wave'' that multiplies personalities with sexy saxophone's screams, creepy drum loops, not really …

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  • Titre: A Todas Revoluciones
  • Artiste: LCDD
  • Label: Alehop!
  • Format: 7"
  • Genres: Experimental Electronic, DIY, Post-Punk, Industrial, Noise
  • Prix: €5,20UE (incl. 19% TVA)€4,37non UE

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  • Titre: Pro-Monarkistisk Xtratone
  • Artiste: Goodiepal & Pals
  • Label: No Label
  • Format: LP
  • Genres: Post-Punk, No Wave, Misc Scandinavia
  • Prix: €10,00UE (incl. 19% TVA)€8,40non UE

Tracklist: A1. Peter Ka Ik Li 2:41 A2. Destroy System 2:32 A3. Min Sorg Lyser 2:01 A4. Drama Drama 4:30 A5. Mor For En Hel Generation 1:48 A6. Bilerne Køre 3:06 B1. Så Hvad …

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  • Titre: Assembly For Body Movements
  • Artiste: Zru Vogue
  • Label: Musiques Electroniques Actuelles
  • Format: LP
  • Genres: 1980's, No Wave, Funk, Post-Punk
  • Prix: €17,90UE (incl. 19% TVA)€15,04non UE

"All music composed, performed, and recorded by Zru Vogue between 1980 & 2011. To be released on vinyl for March, 20th.

  • Titre: Humo Y Espejos
  • Artiste: Caramuerto
  • Label: Màgia Roja
  • Format: LP
  • Genres: Rock, Post-Punk, Experimental Electronic, Industrial, Noise
  • Prix: €15,50UE (incl. 19% TVA)€13,03non UE

"Starting as a de facto studio project his songs have slowly matured, in cassettes and limited editions, until reaching a new level with the edition of this first LP “Humo …

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  • Titre: Enz Rouge
  • Artiste: Non Toxique Lost
  • Label: Klanggalerie
  • Format: CD
  • Genres: Experimental Electronic, Post-Punk, Industrial, Electro
  • Prix: €15,90UE (incl. 19% TVA)€13,36non UE

"Non Toxique Lost are one of the most important and equally most underrated bands from Berlin's 1980s Industrlal scene.

  • Titre: Digital Dance 002
  • Artiste: Digital Dance
  • Label: Sub Rosa
  • Format: LP
  • Genres: 1980's, No Wave, Post-Punk, Lo-Fi
  • Prix: €13,50UE (incl. 19% TVA)€11,34non UE

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  • Titre: Next One's Called
  • Artiste: Pseudocode
  • Label: Sub Rosa
  • Format: LP
  • Genres: 1980's, No Wave, Post-Punk
  • Prix: €14,50UE (incl. 19% TVA)€12,18non UE

"Next One's Called could be seen as the missing link between Slaughter in a Tiny Place (SR 298CD/LP, 2010) and 1982's Europa (SR 372LP) -- the third and final LP report from …

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  • Titre: Lizard Tape
  • Artiste: Fred Rapid
  • Label: Keep It Business
  • Format: Tape
  • Genres: Experimental Electronic, Breakbeats, Electro, Techno, Coldwave, Post-Punk, Synth-Pop, Modern Psych, Misc Berlin
  • Prix: €10,00UE (incl. 19% TVA)€8,40non UE