Unwelt 1

  • Title: Unwelt 1
  • Artist: Fufu Frauenwahl
  • Label: Fufu Frauenwahl
  • Format: Zine
  • Genres: Illustration, Comic, DIY, Underground, Misc Berlin
  • Price: €7,50EU (incl. 7% VAT)€7,01non-EU

Paperback, 20x20 cm, 44 pages, German text ONLY.

"Unwelt Heft Eins: Der Kleine Ray und die Grosse Stadt.

The miniseries UNWELT for the first time collects FuFu's short comics about Ray Murphy, Detective of Dreams and his assistant Molluskhead, which were previously published in various anthologies and zines in several countries. These adventures are really semi-autobiographical dream comics veiled as fantastical detective pulp fiction with a little Kafka and Lovecraft sprinkled in.

#1: This issue features three stories introducing the reader to Ray Murphy's weird universe."