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  • Title: Denver​/​Ideas
  • Artist: Euan Dalgarno
  • Label: Silhouette Tapes
  • Format: Tape
  • Genres: IDM, Lo-Fi, Sound Collage
  • Price: €9,00EU (incl. 19% VAT)€7,56non-EU

"Denver is a lo-fi piano journal made up of short, melodic pieces, dark and sullen in places, uplifting and bright in others. Pieced together like an old photograph album covered in dust, filled with memories. With a nostalgic sound throughout, to the listener Denver can sound familiar or recognisable but at the same time sound original, unheard and deeply personal.

Ideas - Denver polar opposite is a hi-fi explosion of complex rhythms and manipulated soundscapes. Without melody and a rule breaking use of structure makes this album a complete different listen to its other-half Denver. Written on the most basic of studio setups, every piece of gear has been pushed to its absolute limits, bringing original rhythms and sounds to the table. An album that reflects the growing complexity of our time. The confusion ,the anxiety and the searching. For breaking apart and dissecting, this album asks for your full attention."

A1. Unya II 1:15
A2. Unya 2:47
A3. Quagmire In G 0:52
A4. Moorhaunters II 2:36
A5. Iamgunoil 3:18
A6. Porthbeach 2:48
A7. Lucerne 2:23
A8. Poivrottes 2:07
A9. Deafnotes 1:20
A10. Surlaseine 2:09
A11. Plaen II 3:07
A12. Poivrottes II 1:35
A13. Plaen 2:55
B1. HTRAbrive 9:44
B2. Plague Url 6:02
B3. HowlLE 5:04
B4. Keplervfosc 5:19