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Die Milchstraße Flockt

  • Title: Die Milchstraße Flockt
  • Artist: Die Milchstraße Flockt
  • Label: Bohemian Drips
  • Format: LP
  • Genres: Krautrock, Ambient, Dark Ambient, Improvisation, Free Improvisation, Avant-Folk, Avant Garde
  • Price: €18,00EU (incl. 19% VAT)€15,13non-EU

"“Die Milchstrasse Flockt“ [BD008] marks a turning point in the label’s history, as a group of Berlin based artists got together only for this record: The quintet consisted of Ruth-Maria Adam, Alexander P. Jovanovic, Inox Kapell, Josefine Lukschy and Alexander Meurer. They have no collective history or collaborative background – the group was only set to drive out to “Schloss Freudenberg“, a looming Chateau built in 1905, with a truckload of instruments. Their aim was to embrace the possibilities of the space, its historic collection of rare and strange instruments and its acoustics. Formed organically through the time spent in the castle, the album turned out to be an obscure yet beautiful assemblage of strange noises and sounds, staged and amplified through the space itself and the perspective of a “KU-100“ dummy-head microphone. All music was created with a wide range of acoustic instruments and unique sound devices, captured in binaural “Kunstkopf Stereofonie“. Thus, listening to this record with headphones will relocate you directly to the actual recording scenario.

“Die Milchstrasse Flockt” expanded the possibilities of spacial arrangement during the recording process, resulting in unique soundscapes that might be considered “Non-Music”. The LP takes you back to early electronic music, such as Ash-Ra Temple or Klaus Röder’s “Kristallationen“, despite the fact only acoustic instruments were being used: Side A starts off with playful twists and turns, kraut à la “Cluster“ or “Popol Vuh“, and lets you travel through trippy improvisation into soft-psychedelic landscapes, micro-sounds and unconventional sound-art experiments."


Music played by: Ruth-Maria Adam, Alexander P. Jovanovic, Inox Kapell, Josefine Lukschy, Alexander Meurer.

Instruments and objects used: Cristal baschet, “Klangsteine“, singing drums, frame drum, guika, orff drumset, tube xylophone, Hohner bass accordeon, santur, celesta, cello, violin, flutes & reeds, a harmonium, a sound chair and 18 gongs of different sizes and material.

Recorded live in Schloss Freudenberg in Wiesbaden, Germany in February 2017.
Produced, edited and arranged by Alexander Meurer in 2017.
Mixed by Ian Medina in Berlin in 2017.
Mastered and cut by Andreas Kauffelt at “Schnittstelle“ in Berlin, 2018.