Etrusca 3D

  • Title: Etrusca 3D
  • Artists: Francesco Cavaliere, Spencer Clark
  • Label: Pacific City Discs
  • Format: LP
  • Genres: Experimental Electronic, Avant Garde
  • Price: €13,90EU (incl. 19% VAT)€11,68non-EU

"Etrusca 3D is a new band that merges two current Audio and visual artists from the 21st Century, Francesco Cavaliere and Spencer Clark.

The album is the first to be released by Spencer Clark's label Pacific City Discs, as a subsidiary and in collaboration with Discrepant.

Etrusca 3D is the juxtaposition of two imagineers friendship, as Francesco says, 'because I am Etruscan and you (Spencer) are 3D." There is a piece of the future of Etruscan civilization contained within this disc. It is with Spencer's remote viewing of a past and future creative culture and Francesco's birthright that we find a true insinuation of civilizations world body.

We decided to invoke various Etruscan deities or spirits by sampling Francesco's voice uttering their name. We put them inside the Emax 2 3D machine and we began to play these deities and thus incorporate a fresh and ancient music language to present the 21st Century Etruscan experience. In the meantime, these musical stories turned into Francesco's imaginary storytelling style to further present a narrated record of the intuited activities of Etruscan Gods...’’

‘’One cannot underestimate the result of stating the names of certain gods at high voices. Something that sinuous and quiet enters into this disc for you to listen. What if the Etruscan...more"

A1. Ennuha 4:27
A2. Il Demone Blu 2:46
A3. Tayclucha 5:04
A4. Velatri 5:35
B1. Vesage 3:28
B2. Voltumna 3:28
B3. Taitle 2:06
B4. Alpan Index 0:47
B5. 17 Fulmini 2:47
B6. Vantha 3:08
B7. Etrusca 2:50