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In / Out

  • Title: In / Out
  • Artist: Noise Dreams Machina
  • Label: Drone Records
  • Format: 7"colour
  • Price: €8,20EU (incl. 19% VAT)€6,89non-EU

“"NOISE DREAMS MACHINA is the project of Spanish artist OSCAR MARTIN. Now living & studying in Berlin & Barcelona, he is currently exploring the possibilities of homemade software with free tools for sound deconstrucion and realtime performance.
IN & OUT is his first vinyl release and uses a wide range of environmental recordings which are processed digitally in more"electro-acoustic" ways. This leads to a balance between"Drone" and"Electro-Acoustic" where the acoustic potential of conventional reality is enlarged via digital processing. In his own words:"It brings attention to the peripheral zones of the sound phenomenon". Through intense mutation & deconstruction of acoustic materials a new or previously hidden meaning can be revealed for the blind spot of our perception. Filed under: ADVANCED ELECTRO-ACOUSTIC DRONES / more info: