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  • Title: Resurgence
  • Artist: Thisquietarmy
  • Label: Denovali Records
  • Format: 2×LP
  • Genres: Rock, Industrial, Dark Ambient, Ambient, Metal
  • Price: €25,50EU (incl. 19% VAT)€21,43non-EU

"THISQUIETARMY's album RESURGENCE is arguably his most accessible and varied record since his debut album UNCONQUERED. It reveals another step forward into the extension of his signature shoegaze/drone-based compositions, incorporating many different elements of post-rock, post-punk, psychedelic, krautrock, industrial & doom.

As a result, RESURGENCE is an eclectic blend of gauzy textures and rhythms, a fresh reconstruction of his unique musical style and personal influences, and an adventurous ride from one end of the drone spectrum to the other.

RESURGENCE took 4 years to complete, in between THISQUIETARMY's previous outputs which have mainly explored the dark ambient/doom-drone realm since the UNCONQUERED sessions.

Guests on the album include: Meryem Yildiz (vocals) on the track 'Gone to the Unseen', Émilie Livernois-Desroches (violin) and Zena Virani (spoken words) appear respectively on the bonus CD tracks 'Ballad of a Shepherdess' and 'The Cold Vacancy'. James Plotkin mastered the record. All the artwork for the album were illustrated by Mandi A. Morgan.


A1. Rebirth 03:42
A2. Revival 07:13
A3. Renaissance 04:43
A4. Birds, Ashes & Fire 04:48
B1. Whispers in the Trees 08:32
B2. Mechanical Heart 03:35
B3. Whirring Brain 07:21
C1. Summer Isolation 07:01
C2. Gone to the Unseen 12:43
D1. A Call to Arms 04:41
D2. Waltz of the Mourners 07:53
D3. Scattered to the Wind 03:56