This Is Kologo Power!

  • Title: This Is Kologo Power!
  • Artist: Various Artists
  • Label: Red Wig
  • Format: LP
  • Genres: Folk, Misc Africa
  • Price: €16,00EU (incl. 19% VAT)€13,45non-EU

"This compilation is an African initiative. King Ayisoba once told Makkum Records: "I want to make the world love kologo music like Bob Marley made the world love reggae music." Most of the tracks on this album were recorded in studios in Ghana. Some are sung in Frafra, others in pidgin English. Some are with a live band and some feature just solo kologo and voice. But all the songs represent a force and unveil a very strong musical power. The connection between kologo music and (delta) blues has been made more than once and that resemblance is not written on ice; the personal and the social messages, the strong rhythms, the push that this instrument -with only two strings spanned over a goatskin on a calabash- can give to people to make sure they don't ignore the dance floor, all that makes it worth the effort of putting together at least one kologo compilation."

A1. King Ayisoba - Africa
A2. Ayuune Sule – Who Knows Tomorrow
A3. Agongo – I Am Suffering
A4. Prince Buju – Afashee
A5. Atimbila – I Have Something To Say
B1. Atamina Feat. King Ayisoba – Africa Problem
B2. Amoru – Yabaa
B3. Barnasko – Nsoh Yaaba
B4. Asaa Naho – Home Witches
B5. King Ayisoba – Nerba