• Title: Timecode_Off
  • Artists: Mario Conte, Davide Tosco
  • Label: Zoff82
  • Format: 3×VHS
  • Price: €105,00EU (incl. 19% VAT)€88,24non-EU

"The installation is presenting video works recorded during 1990-1994, a collection of unedited visual fragments preserved as a testimony of an era. Accompanying the detached reflection on time, error and repetition, Timecode_off has to be perceived as contemporary view on historical footage, letting space to a new sound-related interpretation. Original audio are here further elaborated into a complex soundtrack composed with sound effects gathered today in the same ambients where video were shot. The theme of Constriction is the underlined text at the basis of this research output, we look at the subjects from above, listening to their altered acoustic perception or shifting in time the deployment of sound atmospheres.

Mario Conte, musician, producer, and sound designer operates both in the commercial sector for brand music identities, television programs and events, as well as producer (Meg, Peppe Barra) and researcher (Zoff82 independent label, Phone Jobs, Hello Dj).

Davide Tosco is author, producer and director of radio features (RADIO3, SWR1, RSI, SFB) and television programs (ARTE, SBS, ZDF, FOX, FRANCE5, SABC). In 2011 produced TRANSITI the first transmedia project of Italian public broadcaster RAI."