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Tags: sound, music, noise

Editorial to the Fifth Edition

Talking about Possibilities is a long essay on music, sound and noise. It is divided in five parts: Letter to a Young Friend, Daddy Cool, The Man at the Airport, Café Chantant and Utopian Thoughts. Some aspects of futurism, trumpism and political hooliganism are hinted at. Noise as a genre and life-style gets discussed. You can read about the social turmoil in the years before the first world war.

This essay is not aimed at scholars or academics, far from that. People who like to collect and oftentimes read books on sound can consider this essay as a larger footnote. They will encounter familiar names. I have tried to find a different approach towards the discussion on music, sound and noise. I think that the days of noise as a genre are numbered. It is time for something else, for the same old new. Talking about Possibilities attempts to tell you why.

-Rinus Van Alebeek